Downstream Sector

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The UK downstream oil sector is affected by and interacts with a range of key topics.

Whether confronting profound challenges or embracing opportunities to support change, Fuels Industry UK's members are at the forefront of the debate about our energy future.

From helping to solve the challenges of climate change, developing the fuels and technologies essential to modern life or improving standards across our industry, click below to find out more about how the downstream oil sector plays a vital role in some of the most important topics of today as well as the emerging opportunities of tomorrow.

Delivering Net Zero

Fuels Industry UK aims to shape an energy-secure, low-carbon fuels future for the UK that benefits everyone. We support our members in leading the delivery of a flexible and resilient fuels supply chain for the UK, both today and in the low-carbon future of tomorrow.

Consultation Responses

Fuels Industry UK responses to Government consultations.

Economic contribution of the UK downstream oil sector

The downstream oil sector is the backbone of the UK economy.

UK Downstream Structure

Each day, women and men in the downstream oil sector are hard at work refining, distributing and marketing the wide array of petroleum products essential to modern life.

Health and safety

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