Petroleum products play a vital role in everyone's day-to-day life. Confidence in the safety of our industry’s operations is paramount.

Our industry involves potential risks that are greater than those in many other sectors. Stakeholders have a right to expect compliance with a higher set of minimum standards associated with those risks.

The member companies of Fuels Industry UK all have well developed health and safety policies and procedures. These are constantly under review in the light of new technology, operational experience and the sharing of best practice, as well as legislation.

All the member companies share an approach which seeks to eliminate accidents, harm to people and to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Fuels Industry UK's role is to foster the sharing of best practice through a number of committees which meet regularly and operate an information exchange system for the sharing of important information between meetings, as well as working closely with a range of agencies and organisations.

Foremost among these committees is the Safety and Environmental Leadership Committee, Fuels Industry UK's most senior process safety committee, which is tasked with promoting initiatives and encouraging sharing and learning across industry.

As a focal point for discussions on health and safety in our sector, Fuels Industry UK is able to maintain a dialogue with Competent Authorities responsible for the downstream oil industry, so that regulators and businesses work in collaboration with one another to achieve improved standards and outcomes for all.

To learn more about health and safety across the downstream oil sector visit our Publications page or contact to speak to one of our specialists.

Fuels Industry UK safety schemes

Fuels Industry UK and our members have been involved in developing two schemes in particular, the Safe Loading Pass Scheme for loading products at terminals and the Fuels Industry UK Forecourt Contractor Safety Passport Scheme for contractor training at fuel filling stations.

Fuels Industry UK safety schemes
Life saving rules

Life Saving Rules are a set of guidelines which remind staff of the measures they need to take to protect their own safety. 

Life Saving Rules
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