UKPIA's statement - General Election 2017

In response to the results of Thursday’s General Election, the UK Petroleum Industry Association’s Director General, Chris Hunt, has released the following statement.  

Chris Hunt, Director General of the UKPIA, said: “Stability and clarity over our operating environment are essential in order to maintain investor confidence and drive all businesses to grow and thrive.”

“For this reason, as we look ahead, we must ensure that investment and business decisions can be made with confidence in the application of consistent, clear, long-term policy in order to realise a secure energy future for the UK, strengthen and grow our economy, and ensure a robust and sustainable industrial base and supply chain for the benefit of generations to come.” 


Enquiries to: UKPIA Press Office, Tel. 020 7269 7600

Notes to Editors:

  1. UKPIA represents eight oil refining and marketing companies that operate the six major oil refineries in the UK and source over 86% of the transport fuels used. UKPIA members also own around 1,250 of the 8,476 filling stations in the UK. 
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