UKPIA is looking for new talent

UKPIA is looking for a new Communications and Membership Specialist

The UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA) represents the biggest oil refining and downstream marketing companies operating in the UK. We also have a growing Associate membership available to companies that are involved in process safety and transportation within the sector.

All of our members and associates play a vital role in the supply of petroleum products used as road transport, aviation, marine and heating fuels, for power generation and as feedstocks for the petrochemicals industry.  Millions of consumers, including thousands of businesses, hospitals, schools, the emergency services, maritime and aviation customers depend on these supplies for mobility, power and heating.

Now is a period of change, as the energy landscape in the UK transforms the refining and downstream fuel sector will continue to adapt and provide innovative solutions to meet the challenges posed by this transformation.  UKPIA is driving this work to secure the right conditions to support continued investment and a safe, competitive and resilient sector, to deliver an orderly transition to a growing, low-carbon economy in which the sector thrives.

Role overview

UKPIA is seeking a communications specialist who understands how best to deliver our message in a way that will enhance the profile of the sector with policy makers, the public and in the press.
In this role, working with other members of the UKPIA team, member company experts and other stakeholders, you will help us:
• Strengthen the UKPIA brand to reflect an innovative and important sector
• Deliver stimulating publications which underpin our wider advocacy alongside relevant and engaging stakeholder events
• Reach out to a wider audience through digital communications 
• Coordinate our media engagement activities

The Communications and Membership Specialist is responsible for delivering UKPIA’s external communications and member relations through insight, planning and tactical execution to build member affinity and public awareness of the UK oil refining and downstream fuel sector. 

This role will report to UKPIA’s Director of External Relations.

Desired competencies and experience
• Proven experience in media and public relations and highly experienced in stakeholder engagement activities.
• Competency in editing press or web copy, speech writing and website management.
• Able to convey complex technical information into simple language, conscious of varied audiences.
• Adaptable and able to drive change in both internal and external environments.
• Educated to degree level in journalism or equivalent.
• Willingness to travel to undertake relevant stakeholder engagement.
• Flexibility and a willingness to support colleagues, where necessary, across the association.

How to Apply

For all applications please email your CV along with a supporting statement to Jamie Baker (

The deadline for applications is Friday 5th October 2018

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