Fuels Statistics 2023

Fuels Industry UK has today published its annual analysis of the latest data from the fuel supply sector.

Fuels Statistics 2023, which builds on the association’s Statistical Review publications, provides analysis for those working in industry, policymakers and all who wish to gain a quantitative understanding of the UK downstream sector.

Some of the headline findings this year are:

  • While the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic has seen demand for oil products increase in the years since 2020, demand levels are yet to fully recover
  • Total UK Government fuel tax receipts were at their highest ever and surpassed pre-pandemic levels due to the surge in VAT revenue
  • Renewable fuel use, which on average has an overall greenhouse gas saving of 82% compared to fossil fuel counterparts, saw continued uptake led by the increasing targets outlined in the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation

Elizabeth de Jong, Chief Executive Officer at Fuels Industry UK, said:

“Our ambition at Fuels Industry UK is to help achieve the twin pillars of energy security and a low carbon future. We must do this in a way that benefits everyone - consumers as well as businesses both inside and outside the sector.

“Fuels Statistics reflects these ambitions, providing more information than ever on renewable transport fuels as well as the rollout of electric vehicle charging facilities.”

For an electronic version of Fuels Statistics 2023, click here.

Notes to Editors:  

  • Fuels Industry UK represents eight oil refining and marketing companies that operate the six major oil refineries in the UK and source over 85% of the transport fuels used. Fuels Industry UK members also own around 1,250 of the UK's 8,000+ filling stations. Fuels Industry UK’s associate members are made up of a wide range of companies - from heating fuel supply and LNG imports, renewable and sustainable fuel producers, to terminals and pipelines - all providing a range of essential services across the industry.
  • Fuels Statistics 2023 is the new name to the association’s annual Statistical Review. It is available on the Fuels Industry UK website or in hard copy on request from the Press Office. 


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