CoMAH Strategic Forum releases Buncefield report

The COMAH Strategic Forum, of which UKPIA is a member, has today issued a report ten years from the Buncefield oil terminal explosion and fire on 11th December 2005.

Chris Hunt commented: “Over the past ten years, industry and regulators have been working closely together to help ensure that the circumstances leading to the Buncefield incident should not happen again. Substantial improvements to prevention and control equipment have been made and to the leadership’s focus necessary for effective process safety control”.

Click here for a copy of the report 


Enquiries to: Press Office, Tel. 020 7269 7600

Notes to Editors:

  1. UKPIA represents eight oil refining and marketing companies that operate the six major oil refineries in the UK. UKPIA members supply 33% of UK primary energy needs and source over 85% of the transport fuels used. They also own around 1,800 of the 8,591 filling stations in the UK.

  2. UKPIA’s six associates are involved in process safety and transportation within the oil and gas industry.

  3. The COMAH Strategic Forum is a high level joint chemical industry and regulator forum working to improve major accident hazard management and raise standards across industry. 

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